The Amatsu Training School Ltd

Registered address: 22 Little Green, Elmswell, IP30 9FB. Company number 5844094. Registered in Cardiff June 2006

Amatsu Training School Ltd

Teaching Amatsu soft tissue therapy in the UK

Useful Links

Some useful websites that come highly recommended by The Amatsu Training School:

Amatsu Clinics UK - Our busy training clinic now in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

LilleyPad Training - For year 1 and 2 Amatsu Soft Tissue Therapy courses, and accredited First Aid courses

Essential Training Solutions - Quality on-line anatomy and physiology courses to Level 3

Therapists Marketing Solutions - No nonsense course and guide on how to kick-start your business and grow it to the size you want. The course is available on DVD too

Balens Insurance Great broker for all insurance needs

Do Pilates Now - Lisa Giles Pilates teacher based in Hertfordshire

Loudwater Farm - Beautiful venue for training and workshops